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Audience Plan Affiliate Program

Earn a 20% Commission on Every Sale and Recurring Payment!

You can make money by simply telling others about Audience Plan. It’s easy and completely risk-free. When people you refer sign up with us, you earn commissions. Join our referral program and start earning for every person you bring our way. It’s that simple!

Start The Affiliate journey & earn money

Don’t worry, our referral program is built to be rewarding, ensuring you earn commissions for each payment as long as the subscription continues. It’s a simple and lasting way for you to earn.


Easy Setup

Getting started is a breeze – it only takes a few minutes! Create your custom URL, and you're all set to share the word. It's that simple!

Earn 20% Commissions

Grow consistently with us. For every new subscriber, you'll receive a payout as long as they stay subscribed.

payments On time

Getting started is a breeze – it only takes a few minutes! Create your custom URL, and you're all set to share the word. It's that simple!

60 Days Cookie Lifespan

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions for any sale made by a customer within 60 days from clicking on your link.

Precise Monitoring

Gain access to your very own affiliate dashboard, where you can track subscription metrics and revenue.

Dedicated Support

Have a question? As our affiliate, you're a priority. Access our direct support for assistance every step of the way.

Joining Our Affiliate Program is Effortless...

Starting is easy. It’s free to join with no hidden costs. Enjoy recurring affiliate commissions for the entire duration of each new subscription you bring to Musicvertising.

Receive Payouts

Payouts happen twice a month and are delivered via ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, or as on-site discounts.

Referral Link System

Spread the word by sharing your referral link with friends. Add it to your website, blog posts, videos, and social media.


Earn Commissions Follow the results from your referral account and get 20% of the spendings of people you invited.

Don't know how to start earning by promoting?

Maximize your earnings by actively promoting your referral link. At Audience Plan, we value affiliates of every size, but we truly applaud those who craft custom funnels to amplify their recurring revenue. Your recurring commission grows with each subscriber you bring in, creating a snowball effect for your earnings. Start sharing your link and watch your commissions grow!

You can see the guideline of what you can do and cannot at down

We alert you to read our terms and condition and privacy policy first before starting it. Read it Now.

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As we focus on keeping clients happy, We got some frequently asked question, so clients can easily get their questions answer. The Frequesntly asked questions are as following, 

We respect your time. Expect notification within 5 business days about the status of your application. Your journey with us awaits approval.

Once approved, delve into our pre-written emails and images. Crafting links is a breeze, and we guide you every step of the way.

Dive into a realm of opportunity with a generous 20% commission on every order you refer. Imagine earning $200 for a $1,000 referral spend – the possibilities are limitless!

Experience the thrill of payouts on the 15th and 30th of each month. Choose your preferred method – ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, or even on-site discounts. Your financial rewards are just around the corner.

Track your success through the intuitive Tapfiliate interface. Monitor clicks, impressions, and conversions in real-time. Our Affiliate Program Manager manually approves commissions, ensuring accuracy.

Harness the power of unique affiliate IDs tracking orders for a generous 60 days. This ensures you earn commissions for sales initiated within this period.

Unfortunately, commissions aren’t applicable to cancelled orders or those refunded within the first 30 days. We also reserve the right to decline commissions for suspected fraudulent activities.

Embrace versatility! We gladly accept affiliates with multiple websites. During registration, list all your websites, and receive combined payments for streamlined management.

Applications are evaluated with a keen eye for quality. Ensure completeness and compliance with our Affiliate Program Terms of Services. Reapply if you believe in the power of collaboration.

Familiarize yourself with our Affiliate Program Terms of Services here. Compliance is key to maintaining your esteemed status as our affiliate partner.

f your queries extend beyond FAQs, connect with us at For Tapfiliate-related concerns, reach out to the affiliate network directly.

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