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How To Promote TikTok Channel

TikTok Music Promotion Service | Boost Your Presence Tiktok

What Is The TikTok Promote Tool?

TikTok promote is a TikTok ads tool you can use inside the TikTok app to help more people discover your videos. It can also increase website visits and grow your followers.

When using the promote feature, you can track various campaign metrics, such as:

  • Number of video views.
  • The number of likes, comments, and shares.
  • Number of website visits.
  • Demographics and age range of users who interact.

Promote campaigns are only available for public videos. Plus, you can only promote videos with original sounds or sounds with commercial usage rights.

There are several ways to access TikTok’s promote feature. You can do so from Creator Tools, a TikTok video, or the TikTok Business Suite.

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